The 4s class is for children ages four years to five years of age and meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 9:00 am to 12:00pm.  This Pre-K class, while play based, offers an intentional curriculum that blends Kindergarten readiness skills with creative exploration. By maintaining a small class size of an average of twelve children, the teachers are able to give focused attention to their students on an individual and small group level throughout the day. Parents stay and work one day per week. The teachers work throughout the year to adjust each child’s curriculum to meet individual levels and needs.

The 4s begin the first hour of their day in free play at their choice of year-round learning stations—creative art, play dough/clay, and a math/cognitive center.  The teacher rotates other learning centers throughout the week to include building blocks, small manipulatives, dramatic play, writing, science, and light table exploration.  Curriculum emerges and follows the child’s interest. Following a cooperative clean up time, the children gather for Circle Time to actively participate in music and games, which incorporates Kindergarten readiness skills, such as the calendar, weather, and our “Who’s Here” board.   We offer a community snack afterwards of a fruit or vegetable and a cracker, and oftentimes offer something special from the school garden or the morning’s cooking activity as well.

After snack, the children enjoy outside encouraging opportunities to develop gross motor skills using bikes, building blocks, balls, gardening, and dramatic play. The children return inside to close the session with story time. The 4s class takes two field trips during the year—to the pumpkin patch in the Fall and to Hidden Villa Farm in the Spring. Cooking and Science are a regularly scheduled part of the curriculum, and show-and-tell is a favorite monthly activity.