For enrollment in Saratoga Parent Nursery School, you must fill out the following forms.

To return these registration form, please mail to:
Saratoga Parent Nursery School
20490 Williams Ave  Saratoga, CA 95070

You may also drop them off in person during our regular business hours.

Admissions Agreement

ID and Emergency Information

Health History

Physicians Report

Consent For Emergency Medical Treatment

Personal Rights

Parents Rights Notification

Additional Requirements For Classroom Volunteers

Negative Tuberculosis Status

Before the opening day of school, each participating parent must submit proof that s/he does not have tuberculosis. Participating parents who have not provided proof by the opening day of school will not be permitted to participate in classroom activities until proof is received.

In 2015, California law changed to allow classroom volunteers to submit TB test exemptions instead of requiring everyone to be tested for TB. An Adult TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire and Certificate of Completion must be filled out and signed by a health care provider, but this may be done in one visit, instead of the two visits that the TB test requires. This exemption procedure replaces mandatory TB testing for classroom volunteers, although a TB test may still be required, depending on the volunteer’s individual risk factors. You may also submit the standard TB test paperwork if you already have one. They are valid for 4 years after testing.

Background Check

All participating parents (new or continuing) will be submitted to a  background check prior to participating in classroom activities or field trips. This is done thru the Megan’s law website. If the undersigned’s name is found on the Registered Sexual Offender’s List, s/he will not be permitted to participate in any school activities.



California passed a new vaccination law that affects participating parents starting with the 2016-2017 school year. For parents, SB-792 requires that all  volunteers at day care centers, including preschools, such as Saratoga Parent Nursery School, provide proof of vaccination against measles, pertussis, and influenza.


We will require proof of vaccination against measles and pertussis (Dtap) before the start of the coming school year. If you do not have a record of your vaccinations, you can get your immunity levels checked and submit a written statement from a licensed physician that you have evidence of current immunity to measles and pertussis. If you have a physical or medical condition that prevents you from receiving vaccinations, you can submit a written statement from a licensed physician stating that immunization is not safe for you.


Volunteers may decline the influenza vaccine, with a written statement. Should you choose to decline to get a flu shot, please fill out this form and return it to SPNS: