Parent Participation

The Saratoga Parent Nursery School community is built on the partnership between parents, teachers and children. Studies show that parents who are engaged in their child’s early schooling lay a strong foundation for their child’s future education. Our mission is to provide the resources and support for families as they navigate this parenting journey.


SPNS is unique in that we consider ourselves to be Co-op Lite. Our required family commitment is limited to helping in the classroom one day a week. Each family must also attend an orientation meeting at the beginning of the year, which is held the week before the first day of school in the evening. At this time volunteer opportunities will be available, but not required.  For example, families that would like to act as Room Parent, or assist with field trips and special classroom celebrations may sign up at the orientation.  Parents are also responsible for bringing snack approximately once a month.

SPNS is different from other parent participation preschools, as we do not require a school job, monthly class meetings, fundraising hours or fees and facility maintenance days. These opportunities are offered on a voluntary basis and we encourage you to participate as your particular situation allows.

Parent Education

An essential part of our program is the support and guidance we offer our families. Parent Education comes in many forms at SPNS.

  • On your classroom workday  you will have the opportunity to learn from the other parents, teachers and most of all, from the children.
  • During each workday, parents have an opportunity have discussions with their teacher about any issues or observations that may arise that day, as well as, any triumphs or questions.
  • Teachers send out weekly newsletters which offer insight into our child-centered curriculum, as well as articles on relevant topics such as developmental milestones, temperaments, positive discipline, supporting early literacy and more.
  • During the Orientation, the teaching staff provide additional information to support  parents and children.
  • Through out the year, SPNS also supports families by offering optional parent education evenings and school gatherings.